Thursday, March 25, 2021

Scotland in the Winter

 What can I say about Scotland in the winter time? 

I could tell you that it is dark nearly all the time with the sun never quite getting above that horizon line.

 I could tell you that it is cold and the wind is sometimes sharp.

 Often it is wet and you never can quite get dry. 

But I'm sure that none of those things are a surpise to you. And it really doesn't tell you much about the feel of the place, now does it? 

What I really want to tell you about Scotland in the winter time is that it felt exactly how it feels when you find an old bookshop or some antique library and you pick up a really unique looking book.

And it's almost like you can just feel the weight of the age of the book, feel the lives of all the hands that have held it and then you take a deep breath and inhale that old book smell that us bibliophiles love so much.

 And you just get that feeling that there are secrets to learn and adventure to be had, you know what I mean?

Well, that is what I want you to know about Scotland in the winter. 

It's gloomy and dark and mysterious and full of history and stories and possibilities. 

More on the magic of Edinburgh next time. 

Until then,

xoxo - Krysia