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Thursday, August 24, 2017

California Summer

With summer quickly coming to an end I find myself by the water more and more, determined not to miss out on a single beach day before fall arrives.

Luckily for me and Gloria, a friend of ours lives on Coronado and had some beach cruisers for us to wobble around on while we waited for her to get off work so that we could get to the real summer pastime of Californians -- drinking mimosas and lounging by the pool.

 After being fueled with coffee from our lovely bike benefactor, we roamed around stopping every time we found a spot that demanded a photo - and on Coronado that happens pretty often.


The view of downtown San Diego really can't be beat, so we plunked ourselves down on a sandy little beach to take it all in.

I swear we didn't plan to wear matching outfits, it's just a thing that happens when you've been best friends as long as we have. At this point, we just laugh when we see each other and don't bother changing.

As our friend's shift came to an end, we rode off into the sunshine -- ready for mimosas and poolside gossip with the girls, the perfect summer day in Southern California. 

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