Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Winter Wonderland, Colorado

Brittney and I woke up to views of softly falling snow.

And like complete tourists we rushed past every normal person heading indoors and rushed out to play in the snow like children.

Yes, back to the gorgeous park with the shady goings on...

But with the snow, few people were out and about.

Which meant we got the whole place to ourselves to throw around snow and just generally act like we've never seen winter before. 

(I mean, we are from California)

PS wearing suede boots in the snow is a no no. Unless you like wet toes in freezing weather. 

We ran, threw snow, and posed for sweet Instagram shots.

Unable to contain herself Brittney made snow angels while I laughed and snapped photos and the few people out steered clear and shook their heads. 

Nailed it!!! Winter, done. 

She was quite pleased with herself, despite the fact that her hair literally froze. 

At this point, happy but soaking wet and frozen through, we made our way back to civilization in search of warmth and drinks.

This is the Myers-Briggs house of Denver's first newspaper King and well worth a look through! Absolutely gorgeous inside!  

We made our way just around the corner to a very cozy looking English pub.

Ahhhh all the layers off and drinks and food on order. 

We defrosted, laughed, talked antiques, husbands and mostly acted like catty old ladies.

So many hot drinks to warm us up head to toe.

Even when it started to get dark we couldn't resist just one more frolic in the snow before we went back to the hotel to make ourselves presentable for dinner.

The walk back reminded me of Narnia and lovely old timey Christmas cards. 

Once we were as presentable as we could be when wearing 12 layers of clothing, we headed out for our last night on the town. 

Denver, you were lovely and strange and beautiful! 

And if you guys want to see more of Brittney please check out her blog over at

She talks about beauty products, living life with anxiety, and a little bit of everything else, you're going to love her as much as I do! 

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