Sunday, November 15, 2015

San Diego Lately; Vol II

It's been a little while since I've gotten up to one of these posts. But lately life has been a mad mish mash hodgepodge of goings ons rather than structured events, and that is the perfect time for a San Diego Lately post.

I hope you'll enjoy what little wanderings I've gotten up to in this lovely, lovely city, made even lovelier by the end of vacation season.

Summer is a beautiful time here, with sunshine and happy people on vacation enjoying the beauty. But it's only once fall has arrived that you can have downtown all to yourself to explore at your own leisure...and I absolutely adore it!

Petco Park was practically deserted, enjoying a well deserved rest after the excitement of baseball season. 

Mr. Padre, still looking as good as ever.

Popped over for a visit to Mr. Jerry Coleman as well.

I even got to spend a few hours in my idea of heaven, wandering the city in some much needed rain, with the joyous prospect of ending up with a hot espresso and a visit to the downtown library.

I can't get over how adorable their store is, I need them to come do my interior decorating. Or at least donate that typewriter to the cause that is the state of my home decorating.

I also discovered a place to play chess if you've ever got the inclination.

I explored the naval records from the civil war, for hours, up to the telegrams sent when Davis was captured. Apparently there was some disbelief from the higher ups in the North that the capture was real. The history seems much more personal when you're reading the letters and telegrams that were sent between the soldiers, military leaders and politicians than when reading snippets from your school books.

I even made it out of the grasp of old city maps and up to the roof to indulge in one of my most loved places in the city....the rare books room. I didn't get any pictures  of that as I'm not sure of the rules.

The room itself is worth seeing, as it's gorgeous! But the ancient and rare books are the real beauties and are definitely worth a trip up to the top of the library.

I've also found my way to dinner with Mr. Husband a few times, which is always a good thing to make time for.

New coffee finds are an ineveitable part of any post describing what I've been up to lately. This current find was Le Parfait Paris. I've already raved about it over on my Instagram (did you see I've added that to my blog?! I'm learning how to do all kinds of new blog things guys!) but I have to mention that it is the closest I've come to a posh French café since I last visited Paris. 

I enjoyed the sunshine as well as the rain this month.

It wouldn't be a post about San Diego if I didn't make it to the ocean would it?

I've also found the time to wear this delightful golden number from Tatyana Boutique that'd I'd been saving for the right time.

These Guess heels are surprisingly as comfortable as they are sexy.

The thrifted jacket was meant only for my Halloween costume of Cruella DeVil but I couldn't resist how over the top it would be with this dress.

Especially on fancy date night, the nights where we pretend to be as classy as can be. You start with cocktails from the fancy shmancy hotel restaurant while waiting on your dinner reservation.

Now, I'm not a fan of paying $15 for one cocktail but this cucumber sage cocktail was deightful, though over priced.

Lou and Mickeys is a pretty recognizable restaurant in the Gaslamp District, a real classic and so very lovely.

It's the kind of place that makes you feel as if you've stepped back in time, simple cocktails with ice cut from blocks and port recommended from a well dressed server. We were lucky enough to have the author of the new wine list as our server, Bobby Laffoon, he kept us well refreshed and gave thourough recomendations of our food options.

The Handsome Mr. Husband was loving his burbon, and posing for the camera.

I was enamored of my port...

Until this macadamia encrusted halibut was laid before me! This was by far the best halibut i've ever had, including halibut i've caught, cleaned and cooked myself. And that takes something to admit. 

Ahh, the Gaslamp in all it's nightime glory. I've been in many a downtown in my time as a sailor (we're not known for our drinking for nothing) but San Diego is still by far my favorite. 

I would adore it if you would join me on my San Diego adventures, anytime! Here, in person or through this blog. I hope you've enjoyed my small adventures in the delightful city I call home, San Diego, Ca.

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