Monday, October 12, 2015

Sausage & Meat

A couple of weeks ago during restaurant week, I discovered a new gem of a place down in Hillcrest. If you're a vegatarian, now is probably a good time to stop reading, this is not the restaurant you're looking for. 

It's called Sausage and Meat, or S&M for short (how saucy! Innuendos at the ready!) and as you can imagine, it focuses primarily on all things pig. 

Their selection of specialty bacon is immpressive, their cocktail and beer menu is on point and really, any place that serves free bacon with your beverage during happy hour is fine by me. 

S&M is not only clever with it's words (Meatery? Swine bar, get it? haha) but also has a little love affair with Nicholas Cage going on. The results in their decor choices gave us a good giggle.

The photo isn't very clear, but that is a painting of the last supper....where Nicholas Cage is every person in it. I will admit I laughed, no matter how sacreligous that may be.

Cage was soon completely forgotten when our spicy sriracha bacon arrived.

Seriously, can you appreciate this for a second?

You know what goes great with bacon? Well, everything honestly. But in this case I was going to say pumpkin beer. I don't care that it's still 85F outside in sunny San Diego. If there's pumpkin beer, it means fall has officially arrived!

After bacon came the rest of the restaurant week menu. The menu gave us a few options but we chose the pigs ears and the sausage board. 

I have to say I was a little skeptical, pigs ears sounds disgusting. It's not. I devoured all of them. Sorry piggies. 

Their sausage selection is even better than their bacon selection, they've got something for everyone and trust me when I say they out did themselves!

Sausage and Meat surely lives up to it's name and then some. I won't be waiting for restaurant week to stop by here again and I recommend you don't either. I'd head down there now, if possible! You can find them here or here, as they've got a couple different locations around San Diego. 

And don't forget about restaurant weeks in your area! They're a great way to sample new places at discounted prices and support local restaurants. 

Until next time, happy eating!!

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