Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Exploring San Diego

While the rest of the country prepares themselves for fall, snuggling into warm scarves and preparing roaring fires and sipping hot chocolate, California is still holding onto it's last remnants of warm weather and sunshine. 

And it couldn't have picked a better time to live up to the stereotype, as Robin had just flown home after living in southern Japan for 2 years. I only had two days with her before she started her cross country trip and I was happy to discover some new spots in sunny San Diego with her.

We began in the middle of the prestigious bankers hill neighborhood, in search of the Spruce street suspension bridge I'd heard rumors of.

It's not big, but it does sway with you as you walk over the little canyon below. There's a few people every now and then but for the most part it's a very peaceful place to bask in the sunshine. 

The sun warmed our backs as we swayed across, towards the unknown on the other side of the canyon. 

This dress is one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing I've ever owned!

And these were a glorious gift from robin after the wedges I'd begun with decided to break on me. 

The inside is lined like traditional Ugg boots are and keep your feet just as comfy, but I'm a much bigger fan of this sleeker, more tailored style than the original puffy boots that tend to be paired with tucked in leggings on late night grocery runs. 

We emerged into Bankers Hill proper and set to looking for our neighboring dream homes.

Really, any of these would do nicely. We're not picky.
Now if only I had a couple million dollars to spare....

We continued our stroll over the Balboa Park bridge, admiring the ocean views and thoroughly enjoying being in each other's company. 

Eventually stumbling onto this historic gem in our search for gelato. 

I could easily live my life in the tower room of this house if I got an equal share of that glorious porch. 

Unfortunately, it's been turned into a tax office as well as a historic landmark.

 But, luckily us girls have great imaginations. In our minds at least we were already little old ladies sipping port in our rocking chairs on the porch and commenting on passerby. 

The desire for gelato (and a bathroom!) drove us away from the neighborhoods and into the main streets, which are not too shabby themselves.

I've missed my lady, and I love sharing my city with everyone! Every time I step out of my front door I find new places thy amaze me. 

If you're ever in the area, the Spruce street bridge is worth a visit and is free. 

If you, like me, feel you deserve the best of desserts after your long walk I'd encourage you to make your way to Pappaleccos for the best affogatos In town. 

I hope you enjoyed a little sunshine from out in California, I know I love seeing and hearing about the beautiful autumn eveywhere else! 


  1. You know... seeing how lovely those historic sites were, I wonder if we could get a list of all the ones in the SD area and go visit them.

    1. I definitely believe we could!!! A little adventure project for us?