Thursday, April 16, 2015

Quest for Coffee : Cafe Bassam

On a beeeyoootiful California day, Ashley and I went in search of that most sought after morning necessity, that glorious concoction, that tempting seductress.....COFFEE.

We were headed to Cafe Bassam of Banker's hill, Mr. Fancy Pants of the coffees if you will.

It was quite obvious when we found it. I mean, there was a sign, of course. But also because it had the right feel...Cafe Bassam is not just Mr. Fancy Pants, he's also Mr. Eclectic-hey-i-have-cool-stuff-piled-in-my-old-house-please-sit-down-anywhere-just-move-those-old-sextants-over-to-that-pile-of-beatles-records. And would you like some tea?

Seriously, if you'd like tea, they've got tea coming out of their ears.

And other bits and bobs and wonders.

But most importantly, they had coffee. Delicous, perfectly made, piping hot, wonderful coffee.

And really, if you're going to sit down somewhere that basically is your heretofore unmentioned uncle's super cool fire hazard of a house, it would be rude to have coffee and not order food.

Especially when it is as good as this.

Even that doll down there is like damn that food looks good!

In all seriousness, Cafe Bassam is a wonderful cafe with great atmosphere, delicous food and coffee worth coming back for. 

It's located near Little Italy and Balboa Park at Banker's Hill, if you click the link it will take you to their website and you can find your way from there! Cafe Bassam.

 As for me and Ashley? We strolled off into the sunshine, ever in search of the perfect cup of Joe....and the next new coffee adventure...

After all.....adventure is out there.

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