Friday, March 13, 2015

San Diego Lately: Vol I

I swear I've been up to other things this year besides getting ready for a wedding. 

Nothing special in paticular but I thought I'd share just the same, in hopes that you're as nosy about other people's lives as I am. 

 I've been wandering....some people call it aimless walking. I call it exploring and soaking up the California sunshine.

This is a small community garden in downtown San Diego, right in the middle of a completely urban area. I like to stop in everytime i'm in the area to see what they're growing.

I fell in love with these strawberry plants grown to form words, adorable!

Feels so much like spring here already!


I've also been feeding my shopping needs by going to thrift shops. Found some really adorable things without having to break the bank. 

And of course, brunch. And by brunch I mean bottomless mimosas. Obviously.

Me and my household practically live at Bridges bar and grill on the weekends.

Purse from// here
To counter my unhealthy love of mimosas, I've been baking up a storm of these healthy loaves of grain free bread from The Londoner's blog. This is the link to her recipe; Mum's Low Carb Bread.

And naturally with my new spot of healthy baking I've been consuming unhealthy amounts of coffee. 

Although I've been catching you up on non-wedding related activities....I've still been working towards that too. 

My save the dates are finally here!!!!!!!!

Classy, no?

I hope you're finding plenty of things to keep you busy as well!

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