Friday, February 20, 2015

Our New Home!

I'm so excited!! I've been thinking and working towards this for quite some time...

The blog now has a new home! 

I finally created a custom domain, in case you don't know what that means, it means it belongs to Gloria and I instead of us being hosted on 

I found a designer, Envye, who creates gorgeous templates for blogger AND wordpress! I hope that you'll find the site is much more funtional and pleasing to the eye! 

And lastly, we have a new name! (you probably already noticed that, duh!)

I still have some work to do on this and I couldn't be

more excited! 

If you have any ideas, comments or changes you think would be helpful please let me know in the comments below!!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Galentine's Day 2015

Galentine's day. The day of the year where Gloria and I seem even more like a happy married couple than normal. 

We're not. Lesbians I mean. But we don't care if people think we are, because we look Damn adorable. 

Besides, can't best friends look lovingly into each other's eyes if they feel like it? 
Enough of that though. Galentine's day is serious business. Very official. Which is why we even procured our own chauffeur. 

(Actually he volunteered, wanted to be privy to the mystery that is Galentines day)

Meet Mr. Kensington, Kensy to his friends. Or for when you forget your glasses in the car for the 12th time. 

We started off with a tour and tasting at Miramonte winery in Temecula. 

This is Mojo, the owner's labradoodle who greets each guest graciously as they arrive. 

It was a beautiful tour with an exceptionally knowledgeable guide. Maybe a little too much talking between tastings for our group though. 

But that's probably because our poor host got stuck with the fun crowd. We like our wine and we like it often. 

The last five wines had a pairing to help bring out their flavors. Pepperjack, roasted tomatoes, blue cheese drizzled with agave, babybel and dark chocolate....mmmmm. 

We had such a fantastic time with our tour group. There was a couple from Michigan marveling at our gorgeous February weather. A couple of beautiful, fun girls our age getting their older relatives drunk and an older couple who'd been married 53 years! 

We said our goodbyes and settled in with a bottle of white sangria to wait for Mr. Kensington to arrive. 

I booked my tour through groupon but you can also book through the winery's website here. 

Their wines are delightful and mostly French in style. They are a boutique winery so they don't mass sell their wines, but you can order small quantities online or just stop in for a visit! 

Also, for the record, Kensy got our less than sober selves home safely and we finished Galentines day with  pizza and pjs.

Is it any wonder that Galentine's day is quickly becoming one of my favorite holidays?