Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Day Date

I like to spend my days off in my sweats, wearing mismatched socks, drinking wine and watching Netflix as much as the next girl. 


If someone mentions coffee and the beach in the same sentence? Well, I may find a way to make it off the couch, into real clothes and to said mysterious coffee/beach location. 

Actually, it isn't much of a mystery when it comes to Gloria and I. Belmont Park is kind of our jam. 

But don't go telling everyone now.

Ahhh, here it is. My favorite place for iced coffee on the planet. It doesn't hurt that they have some bomb ass breakfast, play my favorite California tunes and provide the best people watching around. I can appreciate a place that can multi-task.

This, my friends, is Woody's. Located in Mission Beach, Ca and one place that I actually start to long for if I stay away too long.

Don't judge. I have an unhealthy addiction to coffee and the beach. Hence me being awake and wearing clothes at this time of day.

We made a friend while we were there.

He invited his friends....we had a little roof top party going on.

After breakfast, our beachy meandering continued. I found hats. I'm a sucker for hats. It's unfortunate I was born in a mostly hatless era, really. 

The sun even graced us with it's presence when we arrived at Seaport Village, just about the quaintest little spot you can imagine!

I made the mandatory stop into The Upstart Crow, a homey book store and coffee shop. I have a soft spot for this place, fueled by it's obvious charms as well as it's stellar coffee menu, buttery croissonts and the fact that they don't mind me frantically typing my history final for 5 hours on their wifi, for free I might add.

 Back into the sunshine we went, in search of bloody marys. These weren't the greatest but they were pretty and the view made up for it.

All in all I'd have to say I didn't think about my lonely sweatpants at home once. And that's a good sign, because really, and I'm being honest here, those pants are some damn comfortable pants. 

You win this round, sunshine/coffee/beach, you win. 


  1. Looks very fun

  2. Loving that wild rooftop party! And those pictures of The Upstart Crow make me want to drop everything and head to California. Now.

    1. Haha! There's always room for one more at a rooftop party! Also, leaving for California is NEVER a bad idea!