Monday, February 17, 2014

A San Diego Winter

A San Diego winter? Let's be serious here for a second can we? San Diego doesn't DO winter. And that's just one reason why I love it so dearly!

Jordyn, my beautiful little hippy, chose January to make her first trip out to the golden state and the sun decided to shine on her pretty little head.

I arrived in my favorite city, picked up a few of my all-time favorite people...

And found this incredible wall. I know that sounds silly, but is there anything happier than this colorful block wall and some rays of sunshine?

I certainly didn't think so!

But we didn't want to miss a west coast sunset! So we headed towards the gorgeous beaches of La Jolla. 

 Surprise! Robin was also in town, and she showed us this lovely surfers spot, away from the normal crowds.

 But we weren't quite as close as we wanted to be. Luckily, Jordyn brought a helping hand to guide us down the steep path..

 And it was certainly worth it once we made it down.

 Being us though...we just couldn't stay in one spot! We headed back up the bluffs and us girls did our very best to get our camera shy friend to take at least one photo...

 Close enough! haha! And just in time to soak up the beauty of a pacific sunset.

 Such a perfect day! There was more involved in this trip, such as paddleboarding and some downtown adventures but....being out of blogging practice, I forgot my camera!!

So, until our next San Diego trip...

Buenos noches my friends..and as always..

Stay classy San Diego!

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