Thursday, February 27, 2014

Galentine's Day!

 Oh, Galentine's Day.  No, I did not mean Valentine's Day. No one wants to celebrate that ok? I meant Galentine's Day a la Leslie Knope from Parks and Rec. If you still have no idea what I'm talking and your Netflix should be scheduling date night right MEOW!

Gloria and I decided to take it one step further and have galentine's week. We went all out, decided to treat each other to all those things we wish guys would do but rarely actually get around to (sorry boys, some of you do know what you're doing.)

All great vacations start with accommodations. We went for old school Hollywood charm this time at The Layfayette Hotel.

Which also happens to be a swim club that all the old stars used to frequent. And no wonder!

We were lucky enough to grab a room with it's own entrance to the pool for a few dollars more a night. Definitely worth it!

We got our suits on and caught the last few rays of sun.

And we did try to be good, with our fruits and light wine...

So that we could  be as bad as we liked that night, of course!

Dress: Charlotte Russe (similar) Shoes: Michael Kors (similar)

The first night was mine to plan. So I called us a taxi while m'lady waited..

And we soon arrived in Little Italy 

And to Mimmo's, a beautiful little restaurant with the nicest staff ever!

 After a wonderfully carb loaded dinner and red wine I whisked my date for the night off for some dessert at a cafe down the street.

We're classy ladies. Always. Can you tell?

 And I ended my date night by taking Gloria to our favorite San Diego haunt, The Shout! House.

This is a dueling piano bar where normally we just watch and sing along as loudly and terribly as we can. But this time Gloria decided I needed to get up on stage...and the piano men, and audience gave me no choice...

Also, our good friend, Mr. Al cohol, may have helped. And that is why I ended up counting in Japanese and French in front of a crowd when I am terrified of public speaking/singing/performing.

After a late night with more wine than was strictly necessary... we needed good motivation to get up for the day. And really, what's more motivating than bottomless mimosas?

These babies definitely woke us up! We sat and talked with the bartenders for hours before giggling our way to the pool for some exercise and sun.....and poolside champagne service!

Then it was Gloria's turn to take me out, she didn't tell me where we were going, just to dress fancy.

We arrived at Bertrand at Mr. A's where you are treated like royalty and the views are just breathtaking.

Not to mention the food and cocktails!!! mmmhmmm!

Ms. Gallardo definitely succeeded in making my Galentine's day the best ever! 

Back home in Blythe, I decided not to let the festivities end. While Glo was at work I planned something a little special, but a lot more our home style...

Beer can be classy right?

 Especially paired with wine... we're ex-sailors ok? Don't judge.

 We brought our celebrations to an end in our pj's with a bottle of wine and the movie Grease. Perfection. I cannot WAIT til next year! 

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday as well!!

Monday, February 17, 2014

A San Diego Winter

A San Diego winter? Let's be serious here for a second can we? San Diego doesn't DO winter. And that's just one reason why I love it so dearly!

Jordyn, my beautiful little hippy, chose January to make her first trip out to the golden state and the sun decided to shine on her pretty little head.

I arrived in my favorite city, picked up a few of my all-time favorite people...

And found this incredible wall. I know that sounds silly, but is there anything happier than this colorful block wall and some rays of sunshine?

I certainly didn't think so!

But we didn't want to miss a west coast sunset! So we headed towards the gorgeous beaches of La Jolla. 

 Surprise! Robin was also in town, and she showed us this lovely surfers spot, away from the normal crowds.

 But we weren't quite as close as we wanted to be. Luckily, Jordyn brought a helping hand to guide us down the steep path..

 And it was certainly worth it once we made it down.

 Being us though...we just couldn't stay in one spot! We headed back up the bluffs and us girls did our very best to get our camera shy friend to take at least one photo...

 Close enough! haha! And just in time to soak up the beauty of a pacific sunset.

 Such a perfect day! There was more involved in this trip, such as paddleboarding and some downtown adventures but....being out of blogging practice, I forgot my camera!!

So, until our next San Diego trip...

Buenos noches my friends..and as always..

Stay classy San Diego!