Monday, January 20, 2014

Classy San Diego

If you've ever seen Anchorman (and let's be real, you HAVE seen Anchorman) you know that San Diego is quite a classy lady of a town. And in the winter there is no better place to be than the Gaslamp district.

So Gloria and I wrapped up in the California version of winter layers and went exploring.

And we stumbled upon this delightful pub, I am quite a fan of pubs! This particular one is called The Dublin Square and the best thing about it was....

they had Strongbow on draft! And they even had blackcurrant to add to it! Can you tell that I'm happy about this? It's nearly impossible to find here in the states!

As delicious as our lunch and day drinking turned out to be, Gloria and I had something slightly more exciting and (unfortunately) painful planned for our weekend....TATTOOS!!

We had decided to get tattoos together that represented our time in the Navy. We decided on sailor jerry type anchors with the phrase "Fluctuat nec Mergitur" across them, which is Latin for "she is tossed by the waves but does not sink"

I went for hearts to accent mine, and Gloria chose flowers. I think we chose quite well!

We absolutely LOVED our tattoos, done at Full Circle Tattoo, but....I would NOT recommend getting a rib tattoo unless you are absolutely, positively certain...and have an extremely high pain tolerance.

Luckily for me, there is one thing that will always make me feel better, coffee. And coffee at a place this cool? well, it was definitely a nice send off back to my itty bitty home town. 

Such a good weekend, and a little ink to remind me of good memories with good people for years to come. Cannot wait to make my way back to the classiest of cities!