Monday, September 9, 2013

Coronodo Island

Last weekend was dove hunting weekend in Blythe. Turns out this is A BIG DEAL. Like no hotel rooms available big. Which (don't laugh) since I'm living in a hotel makes it a little hard to stay in Blythe. 

Fortunately, I had a plan already in place, dove hunting or no dove hunting! Me and my man were going to slip off to Coronodo Island to see a couple of our very favorite people.

Not too much of a hardship when you look at this view eh? This is where Robin lives now:) (You'll remember her from this post )

After the initial squealing and general excitement ( from me, not Josh) we decided to make the most obvious decision and head to the beach...but only after a quick stop for wine, marshmallows and wood for the bonfire! 

Grown up juice boxes of wine!!! Can find them at Target
I picked up a boogie board and Robin grabbed her surfboard she rented...she's really getting the hang of it!!

I also attempted surfing but I will not be posting any photos of that as it was a messy and unsuccessful. But never fear! Someday..I'll get it!

Robin caught me blowing Josh a kiss...

My reaction to getting caught...

The sun started to go down and with a storm coming in from over Mexico it made for a gorgeous sunset.

And the night just got better! Remember the co-founder of this blog? Well, we were FINALLY reunited!

Oh, San Diego...I have missed you.

And finally, for the main event of the night...Labor day weekend bonfire!!!

Another good friend who just moved out to the west (best) coast joined us:)

It was a fantastic night and a wonderful weekend.

But you have to go back to work and earn some money sometime, so we packed up and said our goodbyes...

Thanks for letting me share my weekend with you! This hotel is actually the Navy Lodge on Coronodo Island, CA so if you or someone you know is military, active, retired or reserve I would definitely recommend it! You can make reservations here:


  1. looks like you had an incredible time!

  2. really sounds like a amazing and fun weekend! :)