Thursday, August 8, 2013

Goodbye Virginia...

Well, the time has finally come! Time to say goodbye to Virginia, the Navy and some very wonderful people. Conveniently, I had some good company on the leaving-Virginia adventure. We decided to throw a joint BBQ as a way to say a proper goodbye.
From left: Stacy Barrett, Eddie Clarke, Joshua Makabenta & Me.

Among our little group, we were lucky enough to have a grill master, Mr. Eddie Clarke, who cooked up some delightful BBQ fare of hot dogs, ribs, chicken breasts, and burgers.

We had a pretty good turnout....

our warrant officer and one of the (most cheerful!) ship's doctors stopped by to bring Stacy, Eddie and I some very thoughtful gifts:) Handmade awards and CVN-77 wine (that exists!!). 

That is face paint! She's awesome.
Even our Duty section watch officer showed that him and Josh could compare muscles. ha!

Plus even more friends and their adorable children and puppies!!

These two on the left even brought their own homemade BBQ gift, ever.

Although I'm sure I could just eat all day, someone was thoughtful enough to bring entertainment so we started up some corn hole...

I coincidentally suck at corn hole...and proceeded to use amazing moves like this one to thoroughly lose...

And this kid just decided to show up and hang out with us. He apparently has parents who don't care where he me, we asked him.

Overall, we all had a great time...I think Loki would agree...

Despite the the fact that I have been looking forward to this day for quite some time, I will certainly miss the people that I met in the Navy. Thanks to everyone who came out to say goodbye!! We couldn't have asked for a better send off!

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