Sunday, August 25, 2013

Down in Memphis!

Last week the boyfriend and I started our long drive across the country from Virginia to California. On the way we stopped in the busy city of Memphis, Tennessee to visit our old roommate and friend, Billy. 

He took us out to a little place called Beale street..

This is a little of what we saw

I wish I could make you feel the vibrancy of this place. It was a Thursday night and there was music playing in every shop and restaurant, drinks and neon signs, people doing acrobatic stunts down the street. It was like a more personal, southern version of the Las Vegas strip.

And the FOOD! We stopped at a gorgeous place called King's Palace Cafe. We may physically have been in Tennessee but, let me tell you, in here you're in the heart of Louisiana!

Gator chips and some kind of southern chicken wings that make me drool..

Live music, of course!


Fried green tomatoes, craw fish etouffee, chicken, mashed potatoes, tilapia, bread, goes on and on!! It was called the King's Feast for four and OOOOO lordy! Best meal I've had in ages!

Couldn't forget desert could we? Bread Pudding...mmmmhhhmmm!

You didn't think I forgot the king, did you? It was Elvis week after all.

I enjoyed every second of my brief time in Memphis. Good food, good atmosphere and of course, great friends:)

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