Saturday, July 6, 2013

Hampton Roads Eats: The Vietnamese Taco/Philly Cheese Steak/Pho Restaurant

Did you read that title? This is no joke my friends. This is the next restaurant on my list of favorite local spots and I will tell you why.

Because I am not a decisive person, that's why. And also....this place is delicious.

You want tacos? They have tacos....obviously, just read the roof.

You want pho? They have pho. (If you don't know what that is....well, continue reading and you shall see, o' curious one. )

You want philly cheese steaks? You guessed it! They have that too!

And not only do they have all those things, all of those things are wonderful! All of the food that you're about to look at cost a total of about $30. 

It's a simple place with the absolute nicest staff. It's always the same 5 or so people working there so you get to know them pretty quick.

I always start off with spring rolls. It's a type of rice paper filled with noodles and veggies and meat (unless you're like me and order tofu) served with a peanut sauce.

This is their version of grilled chicken...mmmmmm..

And this, THIS is Pho. Vietnamese soup made of delight and wonder. Just kidding. It's rice noodles and veggies and meat and some kind of broth that pulls it all together.

This the seafood pho (on left) and beef pho. But you can get pretty much whatever meat you desire.

I ordered tea and they forgot to bring it right away, so the lady who works there (there's only one) not only brought me tea, but also a cup of honey and extra limes to make up for it! Such a sweetheart!!

So, if you're ever in the mood for a different kind of experience where you can mix your cultures a little and just sit back and relax, this is the place to go!

Oh! And on a side note, they also serve beer and wine! Whaaaatttt? I know, this place is a freaking diamond in the rough!

You can find Speedy's Pho Hung (Again, not kidding, this is what it is listed as) here:

7483 Tidewater Dr
NorfolkVA 23505

The link above will take you to their blog which is basically their menu. 

I hope you guys check this place out because it is AmazeBalls!!!

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