Friday, July 26, 2013

The Lovliest of Guests

First off, I would like to say that I am verrrryyyy far behind on my blogging. With that said....let's get to it!
This post is about a very wonderful visitor I had recently, nooo not Santa or the Easter Bunny. Robin! One of the best people on this planet.

We only had 5 days together so we made the most of it. Being such an adventurous person herself, she kind of rubs off on me when she's around so...I decided that this was the perfect time to get my first tattoo! 

In honor of her recent visit to the Emerald Isle and our friendship we decided on matching Celtic friendship knots; silver for her and gold for me.

The week she was here also happened to be 4th of July week so we headed to her sister's house next to Mount Trashmore to celebrate.

We had a pretty good group of friends for the occasion:) Even my new puppy, Loki joined in.

The show was pretty amazing.

The next day I took her to one of my favorite breakfast places in Norfolk, Pancake House! You can see her pleasure from her obvious display of respect. (the link goes to their facebook page)

Our clothes are from here

That week I FINALLY got to show off the beautiful dress that Robin got me for my birthday. I've never had a designer dress before, this one is from designer Michal Negrin, he has gorgeous handmade designs. This is not a cheap place to shop but if you feel like a splurge, it would be money well spent.

Don't the girls all look beautiful?!

And the boys don't look too shabby either!

my dress can be found here

But the best time by far was Robin's last night here. We had one of the best girl's nights in living memory. Robin introduced me and Ash to some delicious port...

And I whipped up some molten lava cakes...

We watched the perfect girl's night movie, Pitch Perfect, had some grown up coffee, perused all the best youtube videos and generally acted like the 20something girls that we are.

Cheers! To a wonderful visit with my lovely lady! You can find her on her blog here;

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Hampton Roads Eats: The Vietnamese Taco/Philly Cheese Steak/Pho Restaurant

Did you read that title? This is no joke my friends. This is the next restaurant on my list of favorite local spots and I will tell you why.

Because I am not a decisive person, that's why. And also....this place is delicious.

You want tacos? They have tacos....obviously, just read the roof.

You want pho? They have pho. (If you don't know what that is....well, continue reading and you shall see, o' curious one. )

You want philly cheese steaks? You guessed it! They have that too!

And not only do they have all those things, all of those things are wonderful! All of the food that you're about to look at cost a total of about $30. 

It's a simple place with the absolute nicest staff. It's always the same 5 or so people working there so you get to know them pretty quick.

I always start off with spring rolls. It's a type of rice paper filled with noodles and veggies and meat (unless you're like me and order tofu) served with a peanut sauce.

This is their version of grilled chicken...mmmmmm..

And this, THIS is Pho. Vietnamese soup made of delight and wonder. Just kidding. It's rice noodles and veggies and meat and some kind of broth that pulls it all together.

This the seafood pho (on left) and beef pho. But you can get pretty much whatever meat you desire.

I ordered tea and they forgot to bring it right away, so the lady who works there (there's only one) not only brought me tea, but also a cup of honey and extra limes to make up for it! Such a sweetheart!!

So, if you're ever in the mood for a different kind of experience where you can mix your cultures a little and just sit back and relax, this is the place to go!

Oh! And on a side note, they also serve beer and wine! Whaaaatttt? I know, this place is a freaking diamond in the rough!

You can find Speedy's Pho Hung (Again, not kidding, this is what it is listed as) here:

7483 Tidewater Dr
NorfolkVA 23505

The link above will take you to their blog which is basically their menu. 

I hope you guys check this place out because it is AmazeBalls!!!