Sunday, June 2, 2013

One More Goodbye

One thing that I can never seem to get used to is goodbyes. Despite the fact that being in the military requires so many goodbyes, some of them are still a little difficult. 

Last month Gloria left to go back to California and this month it's my roommate and good friend Billy Tran.

So how did Billy want to say goodbye? Why, with a karaoke costume party of course!

Yoshi (Billy) and Wario!

Billy has quite the sense of humor and made us all dress up and act like a biker bar.

(Poppa's Pub in Va beach, a chill place to have a good time, karaoke and play pool. Find out more here:

Lucky for us we're pretty awesome so the bikers and cowboys didn't mind, and we all had a pretty fantastic time. Look! even Tiger Woods and a Ninja Turtle showed up!

I rocked my thrifted mobster clothes and hung out with the cutest cowgirl I know.

There was karaoke...

And all kinds of tomfoolery..

And even a rousing goodbye speech and a group photo to remember us all by.

And the tomfoolery recommenced until the wee hours of the morning.

And that, is how a sailor says goodbye to his friends and this way of life and prepares himself for a new way of life and new friends.....but never forgetting the old ones, of course!

We're gonna miss you Billy! Fair winds and following seas and may your future be filled with successful open mic nights!

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