Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Pin-up Updo How-To.

If you know me, you know that I have kind of thing for pin up. Photos, hairstyles, clothing...all of it. Because, really, it's a classic, sexy style...just ask all those old-timey bomber pilots, ha. 

I'm making this post because I use pin up hairstlyes all the time since they're fairly easy to do, but everytime I do, people ask me, "how did you do that?! I can never do that!"'s how you can. My good friend Ash was brave enough to let me use her gorgeous head of (sometimes) unruly hair.

Before we begin: you'll need bobby pins, a brush and some hair spray. Yup! That's it!

This is Ash, like I said...gorgeous. Anyway, we started with her straightened hair, but as long as yours isn't super curly it's just preference.

1. Part hair on one side. Gather a small section in the front on the smaller side of your part.

2. Curl that section around your finger into a large roll and pin to your head at the top and bottom of the curl.

3. Now gather a section on the other side, twist it inward and push it forward, then pin it down.

It should look like this in the front once those two sections are done. Adjust it until you're satisfied.

4. Now gather the end of the part you just pinned and curl it up on top and pin, trying your best to hide the pins under the curl.

5. Gather the remaining hair into a ponytail

6. And twist it to the top of your head.

7. Then tuck the end into the side of the twist and pin from top to bottom and lightly hairspray the whole thing.

And voila! You now have the finished product!

Beautiful, no? So put on your polka dot dress and some patent leather heels and head to the most fashionable diner you know! ( I recommend Tony's Diner on Tidewater Dr in Norfolk....but that's part of a different blog post!)

I hope this gives all you classy ladies out there some new ideas!!

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