Thursday, May 2, 2013

Cherry Blossoms

For Easter this year Gloria and I decided to celebrate in Washington D.C. and see the famous cherry blossoms during the festival. We imagined it would look something like this:

Instead......we got this....

We still had a good time, but I think we learned something; you don't always have to travel to experience something wonderful.

Many of us feel like we have to go places to see things and often ignore the history and beauty of the towns we live in. Now, I'm not falling for Norfolk any time soon but.....the week after easter we discovered the Norfolk Botanical Gardens

And we were rewarded with a beeeeyyyoooootiful day! First shorts day of the year!

We walked, posed, basked in the sun, climbed trees and generally just acted like children in a wonderland.

We even met quite a hunk! He was just taking care of the yardwork for us....

After we stepped out of wonderland we found the enchanted forest (literally, this is what it's called!) And we found a game of checkers just waiting for us! 

Gloria wiped that enchanted forest floor with me, but I couldn't be TOO upset when these beauties were on the walk back.

We had the most wonderful day roaming these gardens and truly wish we would have gone before this! Who knew such a gem of a place was hiding in traffic congested Norfolk?!

If you have an afternoon off, we would highly recommend taking a stroll at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens. Tickets are $10 for military/seniors, $11 for all other adults. 

And if you live somewhere outside of Virginia, go explore what's in your hometown and tell us what you find!


  1. I think you mean a game of checkers. ;) But wow, the gardens look beautiful. When you get home, I'm dragging you off to Huntington Gardens!

    Glad to see you back on land, Sissy!