Monday, April 8, 2013

Good Friends Are Hard To Find

Since this is a new beginning and all, we'll start where all stories should start...the beginning. Gloria and    I first became friends in 2008 in New York where we were attending a Navy prototype school. This is us then.

We had a fantastic time there, we went hiking here in the fall:

And slid up and down in the snowy New York winter here:

Then the day came when our orders arrived. On the bright side, we both got Virginia! On the down side we got Virginia. Just kidding all you Virginians out there...we just prefer the West coast. I got stationed on the newest carrier in the Navy and Gloria...well, Gloria got stationed on the oldest. 

We did find time to hit the beach and pretend like we were on the west coast...


Then we got to work...we're not gonna talk about work here. But this is me driving the ship, be AFRAID! (this is NOT what I do for a living. I work in the reactor plant, as does Gloria)

And this is Gloria, trying to convince herself how much she loves the Enterprise....yeeaaahhhh...

But now, here we are 3 years later getting ready to get the orders we've been waiting for...FREEDOM! (Nothing against the service, we're proud to have served but are certainly ready to discover what else the world has to offer) 

So, this is our blog of our new adventures as we transition from military to civilian life. We can't wait to share all of our experiences with you!


  1. And California can't wait to have you home. Excellent job, Sissy!

  2. Thank you! It's still a work in progress but...I'm pretty happy with it:)