Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Vegas Baby

Once upon a time, two Navy girls dreamed of having a girl's weekend. A weekend where they could do the movies proud. They would get pampered at the spa, stay in a suite, drink all day, party all night, meet cute boys and be left with nothing but good memories.

Well, my friends, that dream FINALLY became a reality. And it was even better than we imagined. 

As Ash had never been to the West coast (and I plan to convert her to it) we decided Las Vegas was the ONLY place to make our (naughty) dreams come true.

Being the planner that I am, I booked a 'girl's getaway' package at the Venetian ages ago. It was a great deal (but that doesn't mean it was cheap! just that it was worth it!)

Now, I've stayed in nice hotels before but the Venetian....well, it was just rich.

We booked a Bella suite, it's about 750 sq. ft and is just gorgeous! Not only were the accomodations to die for but the staff was wonderful. We were upgraded to a room with a view free of charge, simply because they had it available.

The first day we roamed the strip and got our tourist on. Little did we know that the strip is 4 miles one way. Fortunately, when you can drink anywhere at any time of day, you don't really notice or care!

We took care of buying tickets to....THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER!!!!! If you don't know what that it immediately. Go ahead, stop reading this blog and google!! (or click the link;) )

I finally had an appropriate place to wear this dress.

dress from charlotte russe last season. Find similar here

this is the Excaliber. Thunder is performed here.
Some things that happen in Vegas, need to stay in Vegas. So let me just say that the next time we're in Vegas, we'll be seeing the boys from Thunder again. 
After the show we needed a little pick me up before starting our night on the town so we stopped at an O2 bar. We'd never done this before but MAN! does it wake you UP! And keeps the hangover away the next day;)
We clubbed at Marquee at the Cosmopolitan and, damn! Craziest club I've ever seen!! Check it out here : Marquee

Since we were hangover free the next day we had time to get mani/pedis at the Pallazzo spa (part of the getaway package). Quite a relaxing start to the day. 

Then it was time to get ready for one of the best nights of my entire life. We started off with dinner at Pinot Brasserie which was absolutely mouth watering! (and also part of the getaway package). We even got free drinks because the manager remembered that we had to change our reservation due to a resaurant buy out the night before.

Then it was time for Michael. Michael Jackson that is. Best. Show. Ever. I won't give anything away. But Cirque Du Soleil's One is AHHmaaaZing. 

And once again, Vegas luck was on our side. We had bought decent seats but ended up in the 4th row on the aisle because we were late and they had extra seats! Here's to getting to high five the cast and be up front!! WOOT!

Next a quick change back at the hotel and we headed off to Lavo. Did I mention BEST NIGHT EVER?! Looked good, felt good and partied hard. Like until 8am hard. 

Not that the club was open that late, we ended up at the Venetian hotel bar with some very nice Englishmen. I just want to say that if American boys were as nice as English ones....there would be no single women in this country.

(Don't worry, we didn't do anything inappropriate for two taken ladies. I really mean it when I say they were polite!!)

Our last day was....recovery. Not even an O2 bar could replace the need for....IN N OUT!!! mmmmmm drooooollll.

And that is the end of the most amazing girl's trip to date. It has left me wanting more MORE MORE. Ash is back in Virginia and I miss her like crazy. The memories from this trip will never be forgotten though...
We sort of commemorated them in ink. A spade for her and a heart for me. Nothing says BFF like a tattoo right? 

All I have to say is....Vegas Baby!! 

Here's to many more such trips!


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I'm Baaaaccckkk!!

I realize that I have been gone for...months! But the reason for that is...I just moved into my very own house!!
I know! Crazy! While it's an absolutely wonderful thing to have your very own home, it also means that you have to get power, utilities and (most importantly to a blogger...) Internet! So needless to say, blogging has kind of fallen by the wayside.

Since I'm behind I'm just going to briefly update you on what I've been up to.

First, I went to the Mr. Olympia Expo in Vegas! It was my first time ever and I loved it!!

 I mean who doesn't want to see hot bodies all over the place?

yea, that's what I thought. No one.

Finally saw those crazy rhinestone bikinis in real life. Maybe someday I'll be in good enough shape to wear one. Maybe. I really like cookies so don't hold your breath.

And look who I saw there! The original Hulk, Lou Ferrigno. Whaaaatt?!! Crazy right?! I don't know that girl in the picture but I didn't want to wait in line..

And then..the highlight of the whole weekend. I got to meet my fitness idol, Ana Delia de Iturrondo. She was so sweet and even more beautiful in person.

After taking pictures next to her though, I've vowed to be in better shape next year when I go!

I mean, look at these girls! They are just absolutely phenomenal!

 So, that was my weekend in Vegas at the Mr. Olympia Expo. Then I spent a few days in San Diego, California hanging out with Gloria and saying goodbye to Robin, who has just moved to Japan:(

 Now you don't know Robin very well but she is the most adventurous and talented person I have ever met. She just looks at things and knows how to do them. You think I'm exaggerating but I'm not. She wanted to line dance her last weekend so Gloria and I went and bought some cowboy boots and headed to Incahoots

 Yeaaaa. It was fun but....Let's just say that Robin is the only one of us three that will ever be mistaken for a Southern Girl:).
The next day Gloria and I headed out to do some things that we're a little more accustomed to. Soaking up the sun and drinking delicious coffee.

 You can rent beach cruising bikes like us in Mission Beach at many of the beachfront shops. It's generally $8.00 an hour and it is so worth it!

My last night in SD we went to a Kelly Clarkson/Maroon 5 concert. It was amazeballs!! Especially Kelly, she's quite the prankster!

And that, my dear readers, is the gist of what I've been up to since I bought my house. Oh, wait. Actually I took quite the epic girls' trip to Vegas and am currently getting ready for a rather important weekend.....but that will have to wait til next blog post! 

Thanks for letting me catch up after slacking for so long! What have you been up to these first weeks of fall?


Monday, September 9, 2013

Coronodo Island

Last weekend was dove hunting weekend in Blythe. Turns out this is A BIG DEAL. Like no hotel rooms available big. Which (don't laugh) since I'm living in a hotel makes it a little hard to stay in Blythe. 

Fortunately, I had a plan already in place, dove hunting or no dove hunting! Me and my man were going to slip off to Coronodo Island to see a couple of our very favorite people.

Not too much of a hardship when you look at this view eh? This is where Robin lives now:) (You'll remember her from this post )

After the initial squealing and general excitement ( from me, not Josh) we decided to make the most obvious decision and head to the beach...but only after a quick stop for wine, marshmallows and wood for the bonfire! 

Grown up juice boxes of wine!!! Can find them at Target
I picked up a boogie board and Robin grabbed her surfboard she rented...she's really getting the hang of it!!

I also attempted surfing but I will not be posting any photos of that as it was a messy and unsuccessful. But never fear! Someday..I'll get it!

Robin caught me blowing Josh a kiss...

My reaction to getting caught...

The sun started to go down and with a storm coming in from over Mexico it made for a gorgeous sunset.

And the night just got better! Remember the co-founder of this blog? Well, we were FINALLY reunited!

Oh, San Diego...I have missed you.

And finally, for the main event of the night...Labor day weekend bonfire!!!

Another good friend who just moved out to the west (best) coast joined us:)

It was a fantastic night and a wonderful weekend.

But you have to go back to work and earn some money sometime, so we packed up and said our goodbyes...

Thanks for letting me share my weekend with you! This hotel is actually the Navy Lodge on Coronodo Island, CA so if you or someone you know is military, active, retired or reserve I would definitely recommend it! You can make reservations here: